Today’s Lessons

The true-value-and-lasting-lessons of the Trump/Shumosi shutdown… 1) Many people volunteer for fragile hand-to-mouth government sanctioned existence [see “socialism”]. 2) Many businesses depend on REGULAR government assistance, approval or intervention over their own tenacity. 3) A majority of individuals is unprepared through self-education, commitment to personal and professional improvement or God-given faith for the future.  Meanwhile, some businesses are growing on steroids.

As Robo-Advisors Cross $200 Billion in Assets, Schwab Leads in Performance

Robo-advisors are in the midst of another growth spurt. In 2017, the automated investment platforms surpassed $200 billion in aggregate assets under management worldwide, according to a new estimate from Backend Benchmarking, which tracks the performance of robos. “I think it’s pretty significant,” Backend Publisher Ken Schapiro says of the milestone.

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