Lee Kuan Yew: Possibly the Most Thoughtful Foreign Affairs Expert Ever

Lee Kuan Yew was Prime Minister of Singapore for thirty years. Sadly he passed away earlier this year. Sad because we are living in a time where losing even one qualified and articulate voice on complex global issues is tragic for us all.

Happily, Harvard’s Kennedy School and the Belfer Studies Center for International Security thought to interview him, exhaustively it seems, to produce a fine and brief work on diplomatic art and current events. It is titled, elegantly, “Lee Kuan Kew: The GrandMaster’s Insights on China, the United States and the World.”

His candor is refreshing, if a bit gritty, for a Westerner such as myself steeped in American “rightness.” Here is a small taste of the gentleman’s ability to express meaning.

“The ideas of individual supremacy…when carried to excess, have not worked.  They have made it difficult to keep American society cohesive.  Asia can see it is not working.  Those who want a society where young girls and old ladies can walk in the streets at night, where the young are not preyed upon by drug peddlers, will not follow the American model…”

Anyone involved in currency, finance, trade, or manufacture should read it. IMHO, all Americans should read it. You can buy it below by clicking on the image.

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