Robert Bailey

I think a lot about metrics and measurability. Too many decision makers don’t measure, so their results fall short of their potential.

We are successful—If our clients like our process, the communication they are getting, that our value approach to our business growth presentations is useful to funders and, clearly, if they are getting the results & success they expected.

Capital funding is about information, money and working relationships. It isn’t a scene from Woody Allen’s “Take the Money and Run.” It isn’t cute or a way to play business. It is a lot of work–for all parties because of the risks.

Robert Bailey is a Capital Broker/Advisor/Change Agent to entrepreneurs and an innovator in the business development. He is also an author, a speaker on innovation and social economics. Favorite topics for speeches and writing are “pre-solving” problems and about developing solutions using such ‘measurable thinking’ as KPCB partner Randy Komissar’s “Plan B” concepts.rbnew headshot

He recommends using dynamic metrics to energize and manage teamwork, communication, and scenario planning by individuals, companies and institutions, singly or combined.He is the founder and producer of SourceNewport, the economic think tank and conference on sustainable historic & urban development aimed at developing a sustainable economic policy for Newport, RI and the State.

He chaired Newport, Rhode Island’s Comprehensive Land Use Commission for 3 1/2 years—producing a functional economic document.  He is the producer and host of the Solutions Radio program. Prior to journalism school, Rob was a congressional intern on Capital Hill in the office of Chris Dodd.

While earning his Masters Degree in Journalism at American University he worked in production for the Charlie Rose Show in Washington DC, where he also coached and worked with numerous news and public affairs professionals, including Larry King, Gordon Liddy and Wayne Dyer.

He moved to New York City in 1980 to work as an associate producer at CNN’s Freeman Reports–then at WTC #2. In New York he also worked with political campaign master David Sawyer and in account management at Benton&Bowles Advertising (now DMB&B). In a career turn, to assist a British investor in oil and gas, he attended the Wharton School/Arresty, earning a certificate in finance. He returned to production to executive produce a medical program JV with Citadel Communications and Thompson Publishing.

He was a commercial broker at GVA/Williams in New York City.

During this whole time he identified real estate opportunities and studied real estate investment. This discovery of a passion for business mathematics and the benefits of money discipline endure. In 1999 he was asked to advise institutional investment and other professionals on their marketing and developed several businesses.

He is the founder of the Surfrider Foundation’s New York City chapter and of The Breakfast Club. Rob has been listed in Who’s Who in the East and Who’s Who in Advertising. He earned a Masters Degree in Journalism from American University in Washington, DC and a certificate in Finance at The Wharton School. He is a graduate of  the B-Coach business coaching program under Mike Jay and is a certified Mediator through the Mediation Training Institute (MTI) under Dan Dana.

To share his experiences in using effective collaboration in financial management, he published the first edition of  “The Billionaires Little Black Book” for stock brokers.

The updated book, retitled “The Plan: Running The Machine That Runs The World”

was released in July of 2016.* The new material updates the supporting data and confirms the projections made in the original book. (“I was right about the severity of the looming problem in 2007,” he says.)

Rob continues to believe that personal accountability and long range thinking are critical to both successful capitalism and intelligent public policy. He lives happily and healthfully in West Palm Beach with his wife Teddy (Theodora) and 3 shelter pets: Jack–a Jack Russell, and Rocky–a long haired Dachshund.