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Congress Meets “Fight Club” As Smart Americans Dig Big Problems

Ray Dalio is one of the “good guys”—along with Ken Fisher and Elon, and others like them—who have built disruptive businesses that favor the individual. They are easier to find when CONGRESS and the NO SKIN IN THE GAME crowd bicker over their share of the table. Find them and then… Fire your ‘brokers’; replace them with “Heroes.”

Don’t delay. This offer may not last.

It’s Time to Look More Carefully at “Monetary Policy 3 (MP3)” and “Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)”

This article is for folks who are interested in economics, especially about how monetary and fiscal policy will work differently in the future.

Brightline Passenger Train: Floridian of the Year | Florida Trend

Boys love trains. I did. You may have. This story tells how a lifesize commitment to a train became a leading railroad. There’s an excellent business story in here. And a great model for us.

The individual solution that Wes Edens forged came from research, study, and discussion. Lots of no’s were required to get to his biggest yes. Today, as you will see, he has been asked by other US cities to come and help them—build their train.

Brightline Passenger Train: Floridian of the Year

Private passenger rail is back in Florida. Once upon a time, private passenger rail helped create modern Florida. This year, it began reshaping Florida again, with the state emerging as a national rail leader thanks to the Brightline passenger train.

Barron’s reported the beginning of a trend—now seen as socially destructive (May 2018)

Economically-minded business observers have watched the tax cut’s benign intent hiss away. Rather the savings was used to stabilize the same accounting that caused the global meltdown. Gordon Gecko’s greed.

Now politicians want their fingers in the till. That is rarely a good idea for business, and rarer, for the country. But this greed may have done more than solidify corporate self-interest. It might be bringing Democrats and Republicans closer against the hand that feeds them both.

We may have some idea, very soon, when enough really IS enough.

Why the Buyback Boom Is Bullish for Investors

If you need a reason to be in stocks right now, you can look no further than the growing tidal wave of share repurchases. Buybacks usually support stock prices by reducing share counts and boosting earnings per share.

Who’s Sorry Now…? Look Away.

I’ll bet—if you look in the mirror… you feel okay about yourself. You work hard. You’re (mostly) friendly. You are likelier to pet, rather than kick, a puppy. You’re (again mostly) a healthy person—in many ways.


When you look at your computer that feeling goes away. You might feel a  kick coming one—anyone close is a potential recipient. And new research shows you could be right. Here’s why such feelings could be welling up in you. [And also—here’s how to banish satanic feelings before they grab ahold.]

The Media Needs to Keep You Angry. Don’t Feed Into It | Daniel Lattier

I work for a nonprofit whose activities largely center around digital media. But lately, I wish I could just get away from it all. There’s way too much anger right now in that sphere, and much of it is being driven by news media.

More Corporate Heartburn…

Be careful what you wish for—you might get it.

America wanted to lead, be rich, be happy, be the place to be. It is. Still. But that calls for innovation which is sometimes more than disruptive. It’s seismic. Such is the case here. This is a fascinating objective: Put securities in the blockchain. Any way you slice it, it will happen. Simply because the federal government will never catch up to the speed of ideas. Its workings are archaic. It cannot hire the very best. And there is no reason for them to want to work for an ungrateful nation.

Sorry if the truth hurts.

Polymath – The Securities Token Platform

The Polymath network connects token investors, KYC providers, smart contract developers and legal experts who help form the basis of your securities token.

Today’s Lessons

The true-value-and-lasting-lessons of the Trump/Shumosi shutdown… 1) Many people volunteer for fragile hand-to-mouth government sanctioned existence [see “socialism”]. 2) Many businesses depend on REGULAR government assistance, approval or intervention over their own tenacity. 3) A majority of individuals is unprepared through self-education, commitment to personal and professional improvement or God-given faith for the future.  Meanwhile, some businesses are growing on steroids.

As Robo-Advisors Cross $200 Billion in Assets, Schwab Leads in Performance

Robo-advisors are in the midst of another growth spurt. In 2017, the automated investment platforms surpassed $200 billion in aggregate assets under management worldwide, according to a new estimate from Backend Benchmarking, which tracks the performance of robos. “I think it’s pretty significant,” Backend Publisher Ken Schapiro says of the milestone.

Be Grateful—it’s Christmas. And there’s time for you to change your ways

Success comes from belief. Yours make a difference. Many of us offload our investments to others. These people have other beliefs than ours. We have no right to whine. We did it—when we lose. We have lost more than our money. We have surrendered our values.
Before relinquishing control of any of your financial decisions, meditate. Study ‘around’ your needs. Develop close no-agenda relationships with smart people—aka good friends.
This is your gift from me this year: Merry Christmas!

The Stock Market Sucker Test – 5 Questions

1. Market commentators say money’s going to be made by anyone who goes long volatility. You decide it’s time to:

Copywriting is dead? Don’t tell the journalists | Media Network | The Guardian

I remember a joke. I was living in New York. It was the late 80s. Here it is: A cop pulls a woman over and walks up to the driver’s side of her vehicle. She rolls down the window and holds up her driver’s license. “What’s that—?” he says. “I need to see your real estate license.”
Copywriting is the new real estate. You can make money from home doing what you learned in third grade! Except for one small problem.

Digital apps have made copywriting accessible to many. They have also changed the nature of the audience. Copywriters and their clients are struggling. While they focus on grabbing prospects’ eyeballs prospects are drifting to substance. Even in the Amazon age, quality still wins over quantity. The paydirt of marketing is developing a relationship through personalized digital marketing. And that’s not something any third-grader knows.

Here’s a good piece about that change. (Hint: This only scratches the surface.)

Copywriting is dead? Don’t tell the journalists

Content marketing has brought new talent into the advertising industry, but these are different beasts to the traditional copywriter

What we measure: More important than the data itself?

Zachary Karabell opens his book “The Leading Indicators” with a simple but provocative challenge: “What if I told you that many of the assumptions we make about our economic life are wrong?” Karabell winds together the story of leading economists, Arthur Burns and Simon Kuznets among them, desirous of making economics scientific. By the 1950s the efforts had been tagged “physics envy.” GDP, CPI… these kicked off the alphabet soups of policy (and metrics) we’re stuck with today.  Gallup has updated the conundrum.

Well-Being Metrics: A Reality Check for Our Growth Models

Traditional income-based metrics that measure economic growth are necessary, but they do not tell us enough on their own. Metrics such as GDP do not explain, for example, why life expectancies in the U.S. are falling even as the stock market is booming and unemployment is dropping to new lows.

We are in the confluence of huge changes in the nature of profits, the irrelevance of politics 

Great minds and accuracy freaks are thinking alike these days. That is changing the metrics behind new ideas, innovation and execution and making political will irrelevant. Then, will politics go the way of of the dodo?  There’s still time to keep that from happening.

50 shades of (CPA) gray

If you’re like many CPAs, you don’t use words like “maybe,” “probably,” “perhaps” or “possibly” – at least in the workplace. Those are messy words that leave too much room for ambiguity and uncertainty. Unfortunately, that messy pool of ambiguity is where the world is headed and your clients expect you to help them wade through those murky waters of uncertainty.

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