Barron’s reported the beginning of a trend—now seen as socially destructive (May 2018)

Economically-minded business observers have watched the tax cut’s benign intent hiss away. Rather the savings was used to stabilize the same accounting that caused the global meltdown. Gordon Gecko’s greed.

Now politicians want their fingers in the till. That is rarely a good idea for business, and rarer, for the country. But this greed may have done more than solidify corporate self-interest. It might be bringing Democrats and Republicans closer against the hand that feeds them both.

We may have some idea, very soon, when enough really IS enough.

Why the Buyback Boom Is Bullish for Investors

If you need a reason to be in stocks right now, you can look no further than the growing tidal wave of share repurchases. Buybacks usually support stock prices by reducing share counts and boosting earnings per share.

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