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How Your Nonprofit Should Be Using Content to Emphasize Donor Impact

To be an inbound-focused nonprofit organization, you must be using content to spread awareness of your cause, attract new constituents, and bring back past supporters. This content should help you connect with your audience on a personal level, encourage them to support your organization, and spread your mission within their own network of friends, family, and colleagues.  

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Non-profits tend to lose their energy, human and financial. This article offers keys to reinvigorating your power and appeal.

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What’s The Keystone XL Debate All About Anyway?

On Friday, the U.S. Senate gave the controversial Keystone XL pipeline its stamp of approval by passing a measure introduced by a Republican senator.

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Getting clarity–the truth–takes effort. Food, energy, housing, work should be examined with the objective of making economic infrastructure as stable as possible. They should not become political balls in the air.

Competitiveness in the United States: The America that works | The Economist


I am no big conservative, but I am becoming more, er… realistic and thoughtful about what might be good for the country. My sources and contacts are valuable to be day to day. My faith in them is hard-bitten. Why should we expect less from the leadership and our vision of the future. New world order, indeed. Bah!

Even Harvard students need help learning about finances – Business – The Boston Globe


Here is the question: If these students become more financially literate, might it alter their votes at the polls, next time?

Near term–This is the thing. The place where voters knowledge/or lack of it reflects back on them to help/hurt them.

Venezuela: Chávez’s Authoritarian Legacy | Human Rights Watch

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Chavez demoed Hayek's warning about the convergence of "democratic" freedoms into harsh socialist coercion and removal of individual rights.

His legacy is a gift to thinkers around the world.

Taleb on Markets, Banking Industry, Fiscal Policy | The Big Picture

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a New York University professor and author of “The Black Swan” and “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder,” talks about financial markets, the banking industry and fiscal policy. He speaks with Erik Schatzker and Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


Great interview with Nassim Taleb. In my view "Antifragile" is a must-read for serious business people. Period.

The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis – Nicole Allan and Derek Thompson – The Atlantic


We really do have a responsibility to ourselves to dig deeper into the facts.

Marissa Mayer Is Wrong: Working From Home Can Make You More Productive – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic

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Telecommuting may also represent reasonable economic opportunity for growth in smaller cities–like Newport, Westport (MA) and Annapolis.

Are We Too Afraid of Firing? | LinkedIn

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A Monday morning "surprise"–winners only please.

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